Sam and Kyle Rule The World We are Sam and Kyle, and while we don’t technically rule the world, we like to ask questions about it

January 9, 2018  

It's 2018! It's time to get it...whatever it is. We don't know. We start off the new year talking about couples gifts, and how unoriginal movies are anymore.

September 26, 2017  

This week, Sam's I get to do WAHTEVER I WANT!!!!  Actually, it's a short episode, but I think it's good.  Of course it's good, I, Rage Kage, did it!  I talk football, flags, and NACHOS!  Rage Kage...OUT!

February 1, 2017  

Sam took off this week so Kyle went and found himself some talk to and discuss the women's march that happened basically all over the country. 

December 14, 2016  

In this episode, Sam and Kyle weigh in on the election...yep 4 weeks later. And also, how can you make a church worship environment really really bad. Sam and Kyle will let you know!


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